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Weekly Summer FUN Schedule For Kids – FREE Printable!

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It’s the middle of summer and the kids are bored. You’re out of ideas, tired of hearing the complaints, and need to get some things done (aka, you’re not an entertainer). And you know what? It’s totally ok for them to be bored! I know you love to do lots with your kids, but it’s also SO good for them to be creative and come up with things to do on their own. It teaches them independence and allows them to develop creatively. But hey, why not provide them with a bit of summer-fun-idea-boosting? Well, Mama, we’ve totally got your back with the best little weekly summer theme schedule!

How To Create A Fun Summer Schedule The Kids Will Love

All these kiddos need are some ideas to get them going. Or maybe YOU need some ideas haha, but whatever the case may be, this little list will get those creative juices flowing. Following the daily theme will help to avoid the overwhelm of too many ideas and activity choices.

Simply download your free printable Summer Schedule for kids, then use a calendar or schedule planner to write out your ideas for each day/week of the Summer.  Then sit down with your kids and brainstorm using each of the daily themes as you fill out your calendar.  This can actually be a very fun weekly activity for the whole family!

Summer Fun Daily Schedule Ideas

Make It Monday

Your weekly summer fun schedule for kids wouldn’t be complete without including some fun summer craft projects.  It takes a lot of time and can open the window for developing a new hobby or skill.  These can be done alone or with a parent or friend.

Ideas: Dollar store crafts, paints, beads, sewing, paint rocks,

make play dough, color, make your own chalk, etc.!

Tasty Tuesday

The sky is the limit!  How would you like to become a foodie? Do you want to stay home, go out, or cook over a campfire?

Ideas: Make snow cones, find kids’ cookbook ideas,

help with a meal at home, make a treat, cook s’mores

Water Wednesday

Who doesn’t love allll the different ways of cooling off on a hot summer day?

Ideas: Water balloons, set up a backyard pool, make a sponge necklace,

squirt guns, water slide, water relays, go to the pool/splash pad

Take a Trip Thursday

Sometimes we all need to get out of the house! Visit your favorite spot, or find somewhere you haven’t been.

Ideas: Visit the library, go on a nature hike/walk, have a picnic,

go to the park, play with a friend, go to the zoo

Family Friday

We can’t forget how important family time is. Find new and different ways to create those precious memories.  Don’t forget to take pics all along the way!

Ideas: Visit Grandma, hang out at the Lake or Beach, Go camping,

get ice cream, go to the movies (or watch a movie at home!)

Science Saturday

Some of my favorite memories with my kids have been creating science experiments.  A science-themed birthday is one they never forget!

Ideas: Slime, Coke and Mentos, vinegar and baking soda, Skittles rainbow,

Make crystals, and invisible ink, the possibilities are endless!

Service Sunday

Don’t forget to teach selflessness.  We all could do with a happiness boost, and service is definitely a great way to feel great!

Ideas: Make cookies for your neighbor, help mom or dad, write a letter,

draw a picture for Grandpa, read a story to a sibling, be kind


You can easily create fun Summer memories with your kids, fight the boredom, and have a memorable summer by planning ahead and using themes. 

Download your weekly summer fun schedule for kids printable here and ENJOY!

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