11 Back to School Organization Tips That Will Save You

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School is starting, and although I think we all love our summer break the most, I think it’s safe to say we also really miss the structure that comes with school schedules, at least I do! Here are some great, sanity-saving back to school organization tips for moms.

1. Family Calendar & Command Station

If you want to stay on task as a family, you must be organized as a family.  Having one place where everyone can see what is scheduled for the week is essential to the functionality of a home. 

Get a command center put together for yourself and your family, and you will be so happy you did! I love the piece of mind that comes with my family command center, and everything is all in one place!

 With our magnetic charts, Jennakate has many of the items that would create a great family command center.

You may want to include such things as:

  • 1-2 monthly calendars – I like to have 2 calendars up at all times so that I can see what’s ahead.
  • A weekly Menu
  • Chore Charts
  • Hanging File System
  • Key Hooks
  • Magnets for Notes & Other Loose Papers
  • A Pen Holder

2. A Homework Station for Kids

first day of school homework station for kids

Setting up a homework station is also setting your kids up for Back to School success.  Having one set place for homework will help your child get into the routine of getting their homework completed daily.

Find a designated place in your home that can be free of distractions (such as a television), but is also close to you or other family members.  This way your child can ask questions or get help when needed.

Have school supplies readily available and organized for easy access.

Will your child need access to a computer?  Keep this in mind when choosing the perfect homework spot.  Don’t forget to keep this computer in the open where family members are present for child safety.

3. Create A Folder System for School Papers

A file folder system is a great way to organize those school papers that are important to save.

You always need access to things such as teacher contact info, school hours and policies, online homework instructions, etc. Plus, you can add in important papers for your kid’s extracurricular activities and sports.

Keeping a file system for such things does not take much space and helps to keep the clutter away.  And added bonus…you always know where they are!

4. School & Art Supply Organization

The day that I created an organized and dedicated spot for all my kids’ art and school supplies is a day I will never forget. 

I couldn’t believe how simple it was to do, and how well it stayed organized.  Yes, once a year I go through our art supply space and declutter, but it really doesn’t take long.

The kids always know where their art supplies go, and it looks so much nicer!  Just a few bins with pen holders and totes and we are good to go!

If you have the space available, incorporate the art supply organization into your kids’ homework station.

5. Library Book Spot

Oh, library books.  They are so wonderful, but sometimes so hard to keep track of!  Create a special spot for them, and you and your child will always know where to find them when it’s library day.

No more searching the house top to bottom before running out the door for school.

A special bin or cupboard will do.  Your location does not have to be fancy, however, feel free to add a label to the bin to make it easy for your child to remember and find.  This can also be a part of the homework station if space allows. 

6. Utilizing Chore Charts

chore charts for kids back to school organization

We all know how beneficial routines are. What better way to create routines for your kids than with chore charts?

Chore charts can give your child a clear picture of what you expect from them, and can be used for anything, really.  A routine chart can help them remember what tasks they need to complete each day or week.

Some great routine chart ideas are:

  • Chores
  • Homework
  • Reading
  • Outdoor play
  • Getting ready for the day routines (younger children)
  • Pet care
  • Practicing sports or musical instruments
  • Helping mom or dad
  • Behavior
  • Special needs

7. Entryway Backpack Hooks

If you want to be an organized mom for back to school, this is one you can’t live without.  Be creative and do what you can with the space available.  Anything you can do will help to keep clutter away.

Find a dedicated space (preferably by the door where it’s easily accessed on the way out to school) where you can place hooks or cubbies.

Don’t forget that this space will also have coats, gloves and possibly shoes, so adding bins underneath will help the space stay looking tidy.

8. School Lunch Prep & Organization

Your back-to-school organization includes food prep, and planning ahead for school lunches will save your mornings! 

Create a list for yourself of items that you always want to have on hand for lunches.  This way, when you’re doing your shopping, you know exactly what to get and you don’t have to re-invent the (school lunch) wheel every time you’re at the store.

Keep your list in your phone for easy access.  You can place your list items into different categories such as fresh fruits, veggies, sandwich options, cheeses, crackers & packaged or dried fruits so that you’re not buying the exact same items every single month.

Keep these items in bins in your pantry and fridge so that you can quickly grab and put together lunches.

9. After School Snack System

A great way to keep your kids eating healthy is to plan ahead. 

Kids are going to come home hungry after school and they will reach for the first easy thing they see whether it’s a bag of chips or some cookies, OR the awesome healthy snack bins that you put together!

Similar to your school lunch lists, you can create these snack options in your phone as well, giving you lots of great ideas on the fly.

10. Meal Planning & Prep

weekly menu meal planner with grocery list

Meal planning and prep is one of the best ways to have your back-to-school organization in check.  Back to school not only means great schedules, but it can also mean hectic.

Planning your meals weekly is a time saver that will also save you money.

Display a Weekly Meal Planning Menu.  This not only makes it easy for you to see what’s on the menu, but it also makes it clear for everyone in the family.  No more of the nightly ‘what’s for dinner?’ question!

Meal prepping is also a great time saver.  Make muffins ahead of time for breakfast, do a monthly freezer meal haul, or do a once-weekly meal prep to put in the fridge for grab and go.

11. Get Organized Before School Starts

best back to school organization for moms and kids

The best back to school organization for moms includes being prepared beforehand.  The more you can do in advance, the better.  Here are some tasks you can get done ahead of time.

  • Create a Morning Routine

Plan out your school day mornings ahead of time.  Once a routine is established it will be a no-brainer but being prepared in advance will save you that first week or two. Figure out what time the bus comes, when the first bell rings, what tasks need to be completed in the morning, and what time alarms need to be set for both you and your child.

  • Clean Closets, Desks, Old Backpacks, and Craft Stations

Having these things done and ready to go before school starts will make the transition easier for both of you.  Your kids will be coming home with new papers and such that you don’t want to be mixed with the old.  Plus, a clean space just feels inviting, and happy and makes everyone feel good.

  • Analyze Any Old Items for Sports and Extracurricular Activities

If your child is involved in a sport or extracurricular activity, now is a great time to clean out old sports bags to see what needs to be replaced. Check equipment, look for too-small shoe sizes, uniforms with holes, replace water bottles, etc. 

  • Practice Your New Schedules

As school approaches, you can start the kids with their earlier bed and wake times.  Figure out how long breakfast takes so that you can plan your mornings accordingly.  Prepare the week’s outfits to keep those first few mornings running smoother.  All this prep will help your children to adjust smoothly and help keep stress levels down for both of you.

Don’t Make Back to School Organization Complicated

There are so many adorable back-to-school organization ideas all over Pinterest and Tik Tok, etc.  While some of those things are so cute and look so easy (they might be!), in the end, you must do what works best for you and your family. 

The goal is to make life easier, not cuter. And, I get it, sometimes cuteness makes all the difference in the world! But make it manageable.

My tip for doing fun, cute, trendy organization projects is to write them down as a to-do list.  Then accomplish them one by one as time and money allow.

Enjoy our cute, free Back to School Sign printables for your first day photos!

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